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About the Library SMS service

The service is available to all EdUHK students and staff with text-enabled mobile phone.
No. The Library SMS Alert service is currently available for EdUHK staff and students only.
Please register again to update your mobile phone number.
If you don’t want to receive any SMS from the Library, please click here to unsubscribe the Library SMS service.
Sometimes, a SMS message will be split into two i.e. message ( 1/ 2) and message ( 2/ 2). This problem is commonly found in many old models of mobile phone. It is not the registration problem.
Normally, SMS will not be sent to registered users unless you have library email notices such as overdue, courtesy, recall and pickup notices. If you have doubt in your registration, you can submit your registration again at here. After the registration process, a confirmation will be sent to your immediately. If you have followed the above instruction but still cannot receive any SMS messages, please contact the Library Information Services Counter on 2948-6653 for further assistance.
The message only allows a maximum of 57 characters. Therefore, this SMS service only reminds users with a simple message with regarding to the types of library notices, which is shown as follows. Users are required to login their mailboxes to check their library notices such as title and call number of the item.

Types of library notice

SMS text to be shown on mobile phone

Courtesy notice

EdUHK LIB: Please note <number> item(s) due in 3 days.

First overdue

EdUHK LIB: Please note <number> item(s) now overdue.

Second overdue

EdUHK LIB: Please return <number> item(s) now overdue.

Third overdue

EdUHK LIB: Please return <number> item(s) now long overdue.

Item(s)to be picked up

EdUHK LIB: <number> item(s) ready for pick up at <MMW or TKOSC Library / NPSC>.

Cancellation of requested item

EdUHK LIB: Request for <number> item(s) now cancelled.

Recalled item(s)

EdUHK LIB: <number> item(s) recalled. Please check new due date.

Recalled overdue

EdUHK LIB: URGENT - <number> item(s) now overdue.

The Library SMS alerts are sent at 10:30 and 16:30 from Monday to Sunday. Normally, you will receive the SMS at around 10:30 or 16:30. However, sending of SMS may be delayed with various reasons. They can be caused by problems of carriers traffic.